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Sustainable Success for Global Leaders

Riemens Commodity Solutions is a family business and strategic advisory firm based in Switzerland. We empower Global Leaders in building strong relationships, overcoming conflicts and creating a trustworthy circle of partnerships. Our philosophy leads to win-win solutions.

We have been growing our global network for the past 20 years and have trustworthy business relationships with Utilities, Industrial Consumers, Cleantech companies, Family Offices, Banks, Private Investors, NGOs, Commodity Trading Companies, Oil & Gas Producers, Metals & Mining Companies. We establish trust and maintain this trust by communicating in a respectful and ethical manner.

We understand the various cultures and mentalities involved and listen attentively to unique needs. We foster an open communication with our partners & clients.

We firmly believe that the greatest commodity for human beings is their own self. Like any other commodity humans can be of greatest value to the world by maximizing their own potential. We live in a society of groups and we express our value – our potential - through our cooperation with others.

To maximize our potential it is therefore essential to create strong relationships with our circle of partners, which we define to be family members as well as business stakeholders. Through our relationships we can influence the world according to our highest potential leading to solutions which are greater than those an individual may perceive.


Our Markets



Production - Storage - Transport - Trading - Marketing & Sales

Natural Gas & LNG


Production - Liquefaction - Regasification - Storage - Transport Trading - Marketing & Sales



Generation - Transmission - Trading Marketing & Sales

Metals & Mining


Mining - Processing - Transport - Storage - Trading - Marketing & Sales


Clean Energy


Wind - Solar - Renewable Fuels - Marine - Biomass - Geothermal - Fuel Cells - Waste-to-Energy

Energy Storage


Batteries - Thermal Storage - Mechanical Storage - Super/Ultra Capacitors - Hydrogen Storage



Smart Grid - Green Building - Cogeneration - Data Centres & Devices - Semiconductors - Collaborative Consumption Systems

Shipping & Transport


Sustainable Shipping - Zero-Emission Shipping - Vehicles - Traffic Management - Fuelling/Charging Infrastructures


Air & Environment


Carbon removing technologies - Carbon sequestration - Carbon Trading/Offsets - Emissions Control Bioremediation - Recycling & Waste - Monitoring & Compliance

Clean Industry


Circular Economy - Materials Innovation - Design Innovation - Equipment Innovation - Production - Monitoring & Compliance - Advanced Packaging



Production - Treatment - Transmission - Efficiency - Monitoring & Compliance



Cocoa & Coffee  - Crop Farming - Controlled Environment Agriculture - Sustainable Forestry - Animal Farming Aquaculture


Our Services

Cleantech Investments

Bild Cleantech

We assist a growing portfolio of Cleantech companies to grow their presence by connecting them with investors, strategic partners and customers. We build bridges for direct investment and project investment purposes.

Trading & Risk Management

Bild Trading

Using to our own Trading experience of over 2 decades, we provide expert advice in analysing transactions, agreements and counterparty relations detecting hidden optimization value and risks. Our commercial approach creates additional deal-flow and mitigates risks.

Business Development

Build Project

We advise players in the Global Markets in creating win-win agreements with their counterparties. Our approach is based on understanding the other sides portfolio, business strategy and culture to create business agreements which benefit both sides and create overall fair transactional value.

Sustainable Project Orgination


We unlock sustainability potential by building project teams. We believe in the power of bringing together diverse stakeholders who each have different strengths to contribute towards sustainability. Collaborations of Investors, Cleantech companies, Industry, NGOs and GOs can come together and be a great force to move things forward.


Angel Investors & Start-ups


Following our own experience as CleanTech angel investors, we advise start-ups on how to succesfully build their business. We connect with other angel investors, help with pitching and negotiations.

Business Optimization

Bild Network

We act as intuitive sparring partners to understands & close gaps between business processes, organisational structures, roles & responsibilities, motivations & incentives and desired business success.

Strategy & Market Analysis

Bild Partners

We apply an innovative, analytical and commercial mind-set to pathfind new strategies that optimize our clients success in new markets & activities. 

Executive Recruitment


Combining our own experience in Commodities with access to our global network, we are a trusted partner in searching & recruiting highly qualified executives in key Industry positions.


Our Network

The CleanTech Catalysts Network


Our LinkedIn group serves as a plattform to share Industry updates and create investment & business opportunities. 

Our Events


We hold regular networking events to connect Industry stakeholders, Investors and Partners.

Our Partners


We collaborate with a carefully selected and trustworthy network of Industry experts including former Traders, Engineers, Lawyers, Investment Professionals and specialised Consultancies.


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