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Aysegul Riemens is the Founder and a Managing Partner of Riemens Commodity Solutions. Her life experience within an international UHNW family environment coupled with her career in the Global Commodity Industry gave Mrs Riemens the inspiration for her company.

Uniquely combining her personal and business backgrounds, Mrs Riemens builds strong relationships amongst Global Leaders and acts as a seasoned negotiator who secures win-win agreements that benefit all involved parties.

Mrs Riemens has a strong talent for analysing relationships and identifying hidden strategic cooperation value. Her approach leads to before unseen connections of individuals and ideas. Together with cooperation opportunities, Ms Riemens also detects and resolves related conflicts that hinder their successful execution.

Her approach enables Mrs Riemens’ clients to close communication gaps within their circle of family and business partnerships and move towards win-win solutions by applying a different perspective and creating overall and individual value.

Mrs Riemens holds a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics from Oxford University and 2 Master of Science degrees in Information Technology & Space Science from University College London. She speaks English, German, Turkish and Dutch.


Bart Riemens is a Managing Partner of Riemens Commodity Solutions. He is one of the most respected Energy Traders in the European Market and for over 20 years has brought dedication, passion and entrepreneurial energy to the Global LNG and Natural Gas Industry.

Mr Riemens has extensive, in-depth knowledge and experience in nearly all European traded and physical natural gas markets, a detailed understanding of global energy markets, their correlations/interactions.

He combines this with a passion for renewable energies and is highly results and profit driven.

Mr Riemens holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from Tilburg University. He speaks English, Dutch and German.


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